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I called to see if they would provide an analysis of the problem with my tree not leafing out this spring. On their web page they offer free estimates but I didn't know if that was only on tree removal. They called back in about two hours, asked some specific questions, then told me that the tree buds had been hit by a late freeze this spring. They told me what to do to nurse it along and said it may come back this year, but likely not until next spring. They also explained the most effective way to water it. All of this for free! Who does this any more? Rest assured, if I need further tree services, these folks are on speed dial!

Bruce H.

Super efficient! They went above and beyond and are really affordable. They are very polite and professional. I would absolutely hire them again.

Leah L.

Very prompt, professional, timely in getting back to me, friendly and courteous.... will call again.

David C.

Remove a very large sycamore tree form the front yard with large surface toots that unfortunately ?jeopardized the house slab.? Also trimmed two ?half dead trees.

They arrived on time although it was a rainty day. The team worked very efficiently.? They cleaned up perfectly well, as if no work was ever done in the yard, and did not cause any damage to nearby plants, house walls or the roof. Really great job.


We had 2 "Dangerous" 60 foot tall, 75 year old elm trees removed, stumps ground, with no issues. Carlos showed up on time, gave a detailed explanation as to what was to happen, and presented a reasonable estimate, with a date for service.

Every aspect of the tree removal process was as planned, no issues to report. One tree was overhanging a powerline, but the crew avoided having any cut branches from making contact with it. I was expecting the worst outcome, but these people are in every sence a band of true professionals that take what they do very seriously. The entire crew was friendly and courteous and made sure that everything was right by me.


Great service, and even better price, very professional crew who were on time and did a thorough job. Anyone looking for a tree service would not be sorry for calling this one.

Russ L.

Great job! I had JC Tree care out in 2007 to cut down a very big Russian Olive tree. Just today I had them back out to grind down that stump which was nice and dried out by now. It was a challenge because two sets of power and phone lines were buried on either side of the stump. They were very careful but yet ground down as deep as they could and not cut into the lines. The did an excellent job of cleaning up! They even used a blower to clean off the wood chips that had been thrown up on our patio. They also took great care moving the large stump grinding machine in and out of a tight opening to our back yard. I think they did a great job and I highly recommend them.


JC Tree came out and took down two large trees for me in Albuquerque. They were very professional, efficient and their prices were low. They cleaned up the yard and left everything in order. They removed the stumps with a grinding machine. All in all they are a very good outfit.


Great business and very honest. Did what they said they would do, for quoted price. March 2012. No issues at all, and great attention to details. Thanks, Wayne B. Albuquerque, NM